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Also some words for our English speaking visitors...

My name is Jitka Chýlová and I have dealt with the sport cynology since 2000 when I started to train with female German shepherd Gipsy z PS. In 2002 I bought new dog- female Belgian shepherd malinois Arana Basko- Bar that I have only as the family pet nowadays. My actual favorite is the female of Belgian shepherd malinois FRAYA Marko Gero. I have trained with her since February 2008.

In April 2012 was born 1st litter in my kennel "di Faray". From this A litter I left son of Fraya- ATTILA di Faray, our new family member.

On these websides I will complete the whole training, tests, dog shows... It´ll be in the form of photos and videos. I hope that you enjoy my websides and you will come back again.



!!! In autumn 2013 we plan second mating of Fraya Marko Gero !!!

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Fraya Marko Gero



Fraya Marko Gero- profile on working-dog:


Attila di Faray- profile on working-dog:



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